1972 in the town Leer/Ostfriesland the Environmental Archive originated from the current work of a citizens' initiative. The Conference of the United Nations for the Protection of Environment which started on 5th June 1972 in Stockholm currently supplied us with minutes of the meetings. Our founder still remembers how he was impressed by the report of researcher Thor Heyerdahl about the contamination of the Atlantic Ocean. This report was distributed in the context of this conference worldwide as press release, too.
Address of the Environmental Archive:
Faldernstr. 2 in Leer
We were looking for alternatives besides the electrical power from nuclear power plants which were sponsored by the government. We were employed with natural agri- and horticulture, questions of nutrition and health.

The citizens' initiative developed numerous connections to other cities like Emden, Oldenburg, Osnabrück, Bremen, Hannover, Köln, München, Stuttgart, Berlin and Salzburg.

The administrators of the estate of Annie Francé-Harrar who died in Austria in 1971 opened scientific findings for us which had been used before only little.

The Environmental Archive was in a house on the harbor in Leer/Ostfriesland. There we had experiences due to a sawmill, which was located on the other side of water, with the problems of pollution control. The factory was often a source of dust deposits in the neighborhood and has later been resettled in favor of residential buildings.

With another office in Bremen we enhanced our possibilities.
Written 19.06.2007, last update 25.04.2013