We are a group of consultants and work together depending on each project.

Our activities extend to Germany and the adjacent countries
Each manager is responsible for his own project.
Founder of our group is the environmental scientist Frank M. Rauch, Bremen.
He was Managing Director until 2004 and has been working full-time at the environmental agency of the state of Bremen until February 2019.

Consultants often understand themselves as generalists, i.e. people who know everything and do everything. Due to the diversity of today's problems, psychological intuition is required. We identify and describe the problem. A single person will never be able to see everything. We go down to the bottom! During the course of counsulting it is to be decided which of our specialists is appropriate for you.

Our consultants are economists, engineers, psychologists, attorneys and scientists from different disciplines with many years of professional experience.

We are independent and neutral in our advice - so we ask for your understanding that not all the names are published here. The composition of our advisory group has changed over time. You are free to sign a contract with a single consultant or for a general advice. Regardless of the person we'll find a solution for your business.

Written 10.05.2007, translated from German 13.01.2013, last update 12.03.2019