Since 40 years we are concerned with the structure and maintainance of soil fertility.

the useful ability of micro-organisms is known for thousands of years. So you can read, for example in the Old Testament, 5th Genesis 23, 12-14, analogously:

"Human excrements should be carefully re- integrated into the ground and not be poured into the drinking water ."

Questions of waste treatment and fertilization are playing an important role in agriculture.

Maisfeld im Oktober 2011
Corn field before harvesting

The cultivation of maize on land, which would be not suitable otherwise for this, is just one of the possible solutions.

Corn Harvest in autumn

Possible problems of eutrophication and water pollution (surface and groundwater) require a holistic view of production processes.
For thiswe offer our help on the basis of decades of scientific research.

Harvested corn, single cobs

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